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That Neck Scarf You've Been Seeing Everywhere Is Really Easy To Do

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Don't you love it when the accessories trend of year is something you already own, but just haven't thought of wearing that way? There was the socks-with-sandals moment of 2009 and that long stretch when everyone was putting belts around their prairie dresses in the mid-'00s. And, this summer's runaway trend is probably something you have plenty of in your drawers: vintage scarves.

You bought them in bulk in college when thrift shops had cheap bandanas, polyester silk scarves, and the rare, real-deal Hermès. You might have worn them as headbands back then, or wrapped them on your bags or around your wrists. Maybe you even had your fair share of misguided attempts at '50s chic, when you tied those scarves around your neck in a way that'd only complement a poodle skirt (it's a good idea in theory, but looks costume-ish in practice). This summer's style is way more '70s in flavor. Watch the video above to see the on-trend way to tie one on.

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Quick New Way To Tie A Neck ScarfReleased on April 22, 2015