Lazy-Day Clothes You Can Actually Wear In Public

On weekends, it's easy to succumb to all-day sweats sessions while watching The Office reruns. And, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But, as lazy as we are in private, we know we can do better than slept-in PJs and plain-white T-shirts once we venture outside the comforts of Netflix and Seamless.
After all, showing up to brunch, or even running errands, while looking like you woke up 10 minutes ago (even if you really did) is probably not what you're going for. So, we swapped eight #cozygirl staples — like hoodies, leggings, and basic tees — with punch-packing styles that'll make comfy look really damn good.
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The Hoodie
The epitome of lazy-girl wear, hoodies are easily the comfiest thing in your closet. But, they can skew kind of immature — making you think of your high-school field hockey days. A just-as-cozy alternative: the knit blazer. It'll feel as though you're still wearing your sweats, but add instant polish.
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The Drawstring Sweatpant
While cute on your couch or at the gym, drawstring, jersey sweatpants aren't really for weekend outings. Plus, there are so many chic alternatives, like the printed and tuxedo-striped track pants dominating this season's offerings at Topshop, Mango, Net-A-Porter, and others.
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The Basic, White Tee
The plain, white tee is not without its virtues, but, sometimes (like on a Saturday night), our closets crave a little more excitement. Liven up your denim with a graphic top that's just as cool as those perfectly distressed boyfriend jeans.
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The Bedroom Slipper
We all have at least one pair to keep our tootsies warm — you know, for those days when our floors are ice-cold. Outside of throwing out our garbage, we'd never venture far from home in them. But, flat mules are another story.
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The Legging
There's a time and place for leggings. But, wearing them alone can make you feel like you're not fully covered. Super stretchy denim to the rescue!
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The Slip-On Bootie
There are few things toastier than shearling boots. We have no shame admitting our undying love for them come sub-zero temperatures. To up the ante a bit, try a lace-up style.
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The Pajama Set
While not all of us are bold enough to don PJs outside our homes in real life, pajama-inspired clothing is another scenario entirely. Look for piped collars and silky materials for a more put-together vibe.
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The Oversized, College T-Shirt
You probably have more college tees (some that aren't even your size) than a person could actually wear on a regular basis. Your school gave 'em out at everything: spring weekend, football games, and even mock trial. For a more grown-up, but still oversized, feel, swap in a sweaterdress.
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