8 Times The Internet Couldn't Figure Out How To Pronounce "Givenchy"

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It's Riccardo Tisci's birthday today, and as we reminisce about all our favorite Givenchy collections since Tisci took over, we have to also revisit that moment from The Hills when Whitney and Lauren arrive in Paris to pick up samples, and Whitney pronounces Givenchy as ga-VIN-chee, only to be corrected by her driver.

But, look, we get it: It's not a phonetic English pronunciation after all, and not all of us speak fluent French. So, for shits and giggles, here are 8 cringeworthy videos of mispronunciations of the name of the famous fashion house that will seriously make you go, "Noooooo!"
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Maybe this is the one that Whitney watched.
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If only our armpits did smell like Givenchy.
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Okay, so we know this one’s a joke, but come on!
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Yes. Yes.
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Wait for it...
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More sad robot fails.
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