Fur Disasters: The Scariest Of The Hairiest

We brought you Denim Disasters in May, we now present you with a brand new batch of some seriously abominable sins against fashion, not to mention the planet's creatures. This round-up's perp at large: Furiously atrocious fur. We've been hard at work scouring every nook and cranny of the internet to compile this list, complete with a fur thong, a fur fannypack, and a fur baseball cap straight from the deepest recesses of hell. So trek with us through this trail of furgly disasters, more hideous than the preceding use of puns. You may thank us later.
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These are not the boots with the fur that Flo-rida was talking about.
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These jeans are perfect for those arctic clam-digging parties.
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We tip our fur baseball cap to you, too, sir.
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Oh deer.
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This men's thong is furry in the front...and in the back. The horror!
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Just because it's faux doesn't mean it's any less offensive to the eyes.
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Itsy bitsy teeny weeny ratty mangy pelt bikini.
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Some things cannot be unseen.
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For when your jazz hands aren't jazzy enough.
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Oh honey, we know.
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This is made from hedgehog fur. Infinite sad faces.
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How to look like the most extravagant dorkus alive... Step 1: Purchase this hood. Step 2: Wear this hood.
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Fur hot pants: Oxymoron of the day.
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Fur iPhone case. Why not?
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Rick Owens sure knows how to ensure that your child require years of therapy later on in life.
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Fur swim trunks. Because that makes sense.
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Half sneaker, half abomination. KILL IT WITH FIRE.
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...And you thought the Ugg had nowhere to go but up.

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