Fiona Byrne's Chuck Taylors Are Like A Vintage Tee For Her Feet

8.7.13_FionaByrnePhoto: Via @nycfiona; Designed by Gabriela Alford
If you don't know the name Fiona Byrne or recognize her signature peroxide bob, well, where've you been? Not only is she the founder of The Byrne Notice, a writer for a slew of publications, and host of Teen Vogue's My Room Makeover series, but she's got style and brains for days. Yep, girl crush alert!
Of course, the Irish-born darling didn't get to the top without starting from the bottom. After stints at radio and television stations, Byrne went into editorial at a magazine, launched the now-defunct with one of her besties (Agyness Deyn), and created The Byrne Notice. All while killin' it with her enviable 'do, traffic-stopping red lips, and grunge-chic downtown flair — you know, no biggie.
So, never one to pass on a challenge, Byrne naturally took Converse's request to style a pair of white, studded Chuck Taylors for the Rubber Tracks concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and create a so-cool playlist in stride. Keep reading to cop her look and rock out to her must-listen tunes.
It's no secret 'round the office that we love your look! Give up the deets on your personal style, pretty please.
"I love a mix of downtown-meets-preppy basics with fun, luxury accessories. I remember when I went from darker blonde to peroxide, I was backstage at Terminal 5 at the Arctic Monkeys a few years ago, and my friend Alexa was like ‘I like the new color; it says I like music.' That made me laugh [because I've got] Backstreet Boys on my iPod."
Tell us about the outfit you created around these Chuck Taylors.
I always like to feel like me. No matter what I’m wearing; I have to feel like I’m still dressed like myself. [So, this is] casual comfort with an edge. You can dress down more luxurious fabrics and jewelry by adding some sneakers. It’s so easy. This is a silk romper by LnA, and I am obsessed with it. It’s a perfect example of how you can balance black silk with some Chucks and work it day or night. The accessories are an "@nycfiona" nameplate necklace that Harley Viera-Newton sent me from her Bauble Bar collection and a birthday-candle necklace by FHH accessories. I’m also wearing Giles & Brother screw-stud earrings and an ass-shaped ring by Nora Kogan, and carrying a McDonald's French fries bag from eBay. My glasses are by Barton Perreira."
Why do you like these kicks?

"They are shockingly comfortable. The fabric is so soft! It’s like that vintage-T-shirt feeling, only for your feet. I was not expecting that — new shoes always hurt, and I put these on with no socks. So far, no Band-Aids have been required."
Well, that's a first! What was your favorite part of the concert?
"I was most excited to see Glassjaw. They've been around forever. It's awesome to see they're still killing it! My favorite part of the show was watching all the tattooed guys who were super into Glassjaw. I love watching the crowd at shows."
We already know you have rad taste in music, what's on your playlist that evokes the Rock Craft spirit?
"Music is really the soundtrack to your life. A song can take you right back to a specific moment. I have songs that take me back to the first nightclub I ever went, to after-parties, to the summer before I moved to New York, and, of course, there’s a bunch that remind me of when I first moved here. [These] all represent a different point in my life; they’ve all stood out on the first listen. They’re the kind of songs that your ears perk up for. And if you’ve never heard them before, you Shazam them."

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