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All bias aside, being a fashion editor is a pretty plush gig, and obvious as it might sound, one of the reasons we're most thankful is that we're surrounded by people who are constantly supportive of our off-kilter style choices. Want to wear a giant, poufy peasant top underneath a pair of leather overalls? You'll get high fives around here, not side eye. Step into an industry cocktail party after work wearing a flashy new pair of patent Birkenstocks? You'll get snaps from the host, we guarantee it. Taking risks is part-and-parcel in fashion-land, but we totally get that that's not how it plays out everywhere else. Remind us to tell you about that one Thanksgiving where we showed up in Alexander Wang sweatpants…
However, know that your community of cheerleaders is strong, and even if you get a raised eyebrow from that sourpuss in the adjacent cubicle, or a passive-aggressive neg from that guy at the bar, we're here to support you in your quest for next-levelness. Ahead, we've culled 15 style tricks that women with your chutzpah employ on the regular. And, if anyone throws you shade for — god forbid — wearing a pair of jeans that purposefully don't flatter your butt, please do send them our way.
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Style Move: Jeans that don't "fit"
Fashion Insider: Indre Rockefeller
Why they don't get it: Pants that make our legs look long, lean, and, well, leggy are great on occasion. For other occasions? Pants that just make us look more cool.
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Style Move: All white everything
Fashion Insider: Linda Fargo
Why they don't get it: It's impossible to wear an all-white outfit without drawing attention, but that's why we like it so much. Sorry brides, yogis, and Terrance Koh — we can play, too.
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Style Move: The "going-out" T-shirt
Fashion Insider: Dree Hemingway
Why they don't get it: Many of our lady friends think plans that involve getting low on the dance floor must also include wearing an itty-bitty dress. We think a vintage T-shirt makes our dressier items look so much more us. Plus, the Michigan Wolverines make a much better conversation starter than "Hey girl, what's your sign?"
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Style Move: Choosing the one with the weird colors
Fashion Insider: Yasmin Sewell
Why they don't get it: The logic goes that if you're going to be dropping a lot of money on something, you should get the one that's the most basic and versatile. But, how about you get the one that makes you the happiest? When you can't help but tingle each time you see it, you'll definitely wear it more.
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Photo: Billy Farrell/BFA.
Fashion Move: Prints that don't match
Style Insider: Shiona Turini
Why they don't get it: Sure, spots and eyelets might not be sold as a set, but that doesn't mean that they don't play off each other in a fun, whimsical way.
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Photo: Carly Erickson/BFA.
Fashion Move: Throwbacks
Style Insider: Olivia Palermo
Why they don't get it: We've all worn overalls in our past, and if there's any reason more people aren't wearing them today, it's for fear they'll instantly look eight again. However, fashion people know that nostalgic items can look grown-up and sophisticated — with the right styling, of course. We wear our overalls with a blouson top and heels, not a camp tee and sneakers.
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Fashion Move: The daytime clutch
Style Insider: Kaelen Haworth
Why they don't get it: For some reason hands-on handbags are typically reserved for evening occasions. But, fashion people love toting theirs around all day long. It's a forced minimalistic approach to the day, and a great way to keep your necessities close at hand.
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Fashion Move: A suit for not-work
Style Insider: Shala Monroque
Why they don't get it: Two-piece suit sets aren't just for the office (especially in one that's Yves Klein blue). Wear it with a crop top and sandals for a truly "No, I'm not on the clock right now" statement.
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Photo: Neil Rasmus/BFA.
Fashion Move: Strange prints
Style Insider: Harley Viera-Newton
Why they don't get it: Yes those are eyes/newts/cabbages/microwaves all over this dress. What about it?
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Photo: David X Prutting/BFA.
Fashion Move: Wearing ankle boots with everything
Style Insider: Alexa Chung
Why they don't get it: Regular folks might want to keep their classic kickers for jeans outfits. But, wearing boots with everything from dresses to shorts and to anywhere from weddings to work is one of the oldest fashion-person tricks in the book.
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Photo: Joe Schildhorn /BFA.
Fashion Move: Over-the-top layering
Style Insider: Leandra Medine
Why they don't get it: For most, the concept of layering means putting a jacket on when it's cold. We've got no limits to what we'll pile on. Dresses over dresses, skirts over pants, bras over shirts — more is more!
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Photo: Matteo Prandon/BFA.
Fashion Move: Spending a lot on basics
Style Insider: Jenna Lyons
Why they don't get it: Spending more than $15 on a T-shirt doesn't make sense to anyone who's never worn a T-shirt more expensive than $15. Fashion people know that the secret to maximum closet feng shui is to divide your budget between expensive basics and more affordable trendy options.
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Fashion Move: The tucked-in look
Style Insider: Taylor Tomasi Hill
Why they don't get it: Like layering, the things we'll tuck are not limited by common convention: no matter if it's a tee into a high-waisted skirt, a button-front blouse into jeans, or a classic oxford-and-trousers pairing. Plus, we've got a handful-and-a-half of tucking techniques to make it look stylish, not dorky.
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Photo: Billy Farrell/BFA.
Fashion Move: Awkward lengths
Style Insider: Eva Chen
Why they don't get it: Pants that are a little too short (or is it the other way around?), shirts that end where they typically don't, and sleeves that extend just a touch too long — that all sounds great to a fashion person. When you mix in ill-advised levels of bagginess, that's like icing on the cake.
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Photo: Joe Schildhorn /BFA.
Fashion Move: Non-basic basics
Style Insider: Kate Foley
Why they don't get it: Everyone has their crew-neck sweaters, simple black tees, go-to fancy heels, and pencil skirts that go with everything. Ours are just a tad more weird.

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