5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 14 2012

Choupette may be the kitty of the moment, but she's not the only sassy feline who's got all four paws in the fashion industry. The market is booming for models who simply sit there and look pretty — those without claws and nines lives need not apply. (BuzzFeed)
Speaking of all-things-Lagerfeld, guess which of the designer's muses will likely be walking down the aisle in a custom Chanel creation. Lucky lady. (Vogue UK)
We always remember to check our clothing tags for a certain "dry clean only" label, but are we remembering to check our garments' country of origin. Find out how that little "Made in..." tag has had a massive effect on the garment industry, and for one writer, her family. (The Hairpin)
Even if you never landed perfect grades in chem class, that doesn't mean you can't appreciate (and, sure, learn a thing or two from) this cool Tumblr, that showcases the most rad ladies who rocked the science world. (BoingBoing)
In the space of just a few minutes, you can slouch toward Joan Didion's West Coast abode and snack all the way to Ernest Hemingway's moveable Parisian feast. This handy map helps you live — and travel — vicariously through some of your favorite authors' lives. (Flavorwire)
Photo: Via Buzzfeed

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