16 Ways To Transform Your Hair Without Cutting It

Over the past few weeks, we're guessing you've been flooded with 2016 haircut inspiration. Hey, that's what the new year is all about, right? So what do you do if you're totally ready to jump on the change wagon, but you're also pretty attached to the hair on your head? (Especially if you spent most of 2015 growing it out.)

Well, we're here to report that you don't have to make a major cut — or any, for that matter — to get a style update. In fact, one of the biggest trends of the year, bangs, can be done without commitment. (Just follow this rad tutorial with hairstylist Kristin Ess.)

Ahead, we turn to the red carpet and the runway for some faux-style tricks, whether you want to try out a bob before making a commitment or want to know what life is like with a mohawk (but only for a night).

This story was originally published on January 19, 2016.
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The Faux Bob
You usually see Amber Heard with long, flowing waves, but for this year's Golden Globes, she opted for a shorter-seeming style that she can let down at the end of the night.

To get the look, divide your hair into two loose pigtails in the back of your head and secure with elastics at about shoulder height. Roll the ends up and under the rest of the hair and pin. It's okay if the length is a little uneven or if some pieces are falling out — this will just make the look more romantic.
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Last year, Kerry Washington sported a similar look at the Emmys. We love the slightly asymmetrical style.
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Claire Danes opted for a faux bob at the Emmys as well, but hers was slightly more streamlined. Peter Butler for GHD created the look by first making a deep side-part, then looping her hair into two small pin curls that he secured at the nape of the neck, leaving out a section in front. He then curled that section, pinned it, and finished with hairspray.
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Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/ Getty Images.
Some faux bobs, like the ones we just looked at, are obviously fake — others are a little (okay, a lot) less obvious. Gigi Hadid fooled the world into thinking she got a major chop at the 2015 American Music Awards, until it was later revealed that half of her head was a wig.

Cosmopolitan reported that since the front of Hadid's layers was already bob-length, all her hairstylist had to do was cut a wig to match the length in the front, tuck the back of her real hair under the wig, and then blow out the whole thing. Let's just say some define "all he had to do" way differently than others...
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Clip-In Bangs
It looks like Hadid and her model bestie may have been in cahoots with all this hair trickery. That same evening, Kendall Jenner wore clip-in bangs that had the whole internet wondering, "Did she, or didn't she?" (She didn't.) Well played, ladies.
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Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/ Getty Images.
At the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Chrissy Teigen had her way with faux bangs. The trick is to find a set that has length on the sides, so it blends into your hair seamlessly.
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Fake Fringe
The pineapple style is an easy way for curly-haired girls like Rihanna to have bangs for the night. To get the look, leave out the front third of your hair, and tie the back two-thirds into a high ponytail. Flip over the ponytail toward the front of your hair, blend it with the front section, and secure with a pin or two. Push forward the curls in the front until they lie like fringe.
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For ladies with natural texture, a super-easy way to have bangs for a day is by pushing (and possibly pinning) hair from the back of your head forward into some fringe, à la Solange.
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If you don't have curls to work with, you can still use your ponytail to fake bangs — the only requirement is the long length (which you can fake, too, if you have a clip-in ponytail).

At the Son Jung Wan spring 2016 show, Jorge Luis, creative director of the Privé Salon, used a paddle brush to sweep the models' hair into a high ponytail, then twisted the ponytail forward, swirling it at the base, and swung the end to one side of the forehead, securing with bobby pins. To finish the look, he tied a silver ribbon around the head, and secured it at the nape of the neck to hold down the faux bangs — and, well, look cute.
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We saw a similar side-swept style — sans headband — at Kenzo's spring 2016 show.
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This is not a new trick by any means — it was also used to achieve piece-y baby bangs for Prada spring 2013.
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The Fauxhawk
Feeling a little adventurous, but just know you aren't an undercut-every-day kind of girl? Go for a (faux) fauxhawk like Kiernan Shipka's, and you can edge up your look for a night and go back to your good ol' long waves come morning.

And it's a lot easier to style than you may think. Section off the middle front of the hair and pin it (you'll deal with it later), then create five or six different ponytails from the middle back down your head. Knot each of them and pin. Take the front section and French-braid it (an inside-out French braid, if you can), then pin it back into the other knots. Voilà! Instant edge.
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Photo: teve Granitz/WireImage/ Getty Images.
Selena Gomez rocked a similar look. Hers is simply an inside-out French braid pulled apart a bit to add texture, but still has that fauxhawk effect.
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Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage/ Getty Images.
At the 2015 Met Gala, Janelle Monáe gave her braided fauxhawk extra glamour with some major extensions.
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Photo: Jeff Kravitz/ Getty Images.
A Longer Pony
Speaking of added length, this pic may be from the final wrap party for The Hills in 2010, but the styling trick for longer and fuller looking hair, without extensions, is still relevant. You simply create two ponytails: one using about two-thirds of the hair tied at the curve of your head, and one directly below at the nape of the neck. Blend them together to make it look like one extra-long pony.
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And just for fun (or for those who really want to turn heads), let's revisit the Dior spring 2015 show — where the models' natural hair was attached to long extensions via plastic-ring hair jewelry. Talk about a fake-out.
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