Glow In The Dark Ice Cream, Anyone?

Photo: Courtsey of Bompas And Parr.
Three separate ice cream emails came to me today, and I felt it was a good opportunity to bundle them into one post, because obviously anything having to do with ice cream is incredibly important.

1. OMG, guys, do you remember those awesome Hypercolor T-shirts that would change shades with body heat? Well, what if I told you that same phenomenon is now available in ICE CREAM (are you hyperventilating yet?!)? This new piece of dessert magic is called Xameleon (Spanish word for chameleon), and it changes colors when it’s licked. The ice cream starts out pale blue, gets sprayed with a “love elixir” (my excitement is going to allow me to look past/ignore that), which turns the ice cream purple, and then it fades to pink as you eat it. For those of you who live in Barcelona, can you please RUN, NOT WALK to get some of this ice cream and send me a pic? For those of us not in Barcelona, we’re SOL on this one (but I am thinking we’ll see it Stateside soon enough).

2. In other exciting ice cream news, there is also glow-in-the-dark ice cream from Cornetto (!!!). This is not exactly new news (it was released in 2013), but this is the first time I am hearing about it, so I felt compelled to share. The luminescent ice cream was created so that cinema-goers could see their treats (especially genius if you tend to drop your snacks — or, really, drop everything — like I do). 

3. I am tempted to go to the roof of Refinery and shout this on a megaphone: "Carvel is re-releasing their Nutella Ice Cream. REPEAT: Carvel is re-releasing their Nutella Ice Cream!" Oh, and also worth mentioning: It's not just one ice cream, it's a WHOLE LINE OF NUTELLA TREATS, including a sundae, soft-serve ice cream, hand-scooped ice cream, and a shake. Um, the only thing better than eating Nutella with a spoon is sipping it through a straw, am I right?

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