Which Movie Fits Your Personality Best?

Okay, not all Pisces like water and have a weird thing with feet. And there are certainly a handful of Leos that don't enjoy flashy gifts and having their egos stroked. But using one of the 12 zodiac signs as a fun way to filter and refine tastes and perspectives can help you, you know, discover new things. Which is why we spoke to our very favorite star-gazers, The Astrotwins, to help us create The Ultimate Movie Horoscope Guide for the summer.
Taking the criteria established by the Twins, R29's entertainment team then picked three movies for all the earth, air, water, and fire people out there: A go-to classic, a hidden gem, and the perfect summer flick for each sign. So, go ahead, and let the stars give you their own astrological watch-list for some warm-weather watching.

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