These Are The Signs Most Likely To Get Back With An Ex

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You said you deleted their number, but you didn't have the heart to go through with it. You ran into them at one of your old haunts and now you can't stop thinking about them. The temptation to rekindle an old relationship, no matter how ill-fated it was the first time around, can be pretty intense, regardless of your Zodiac sign. That said, some are more astrologically inclined to pursue an ex than others, albeit for very different reasons. Below, we'll highlight four signs whose personality profiles make their members more likely to get back with an ex (especially those who have these signs as their moon or Venus sign).
Let's start with the signs that end up in on-again, off-again relationships due to nostalgia — Cancer and Pisces, we're looking at you. As two of the three water signs of the Zodiac, you're deeply in touch with your feelings and feel an intense connection to the past, sometimes to the point that you seek out old memories like episodes of your favorite TV show, replaying them in your mind to relive how you felt in that moment. Of course, people you've known and been close to carry a font of memories with them, too. And for all the bad or frustrating memories you might associate with your ex, you can't help but recall all the fun and intimacy you shared with them as well.
This is where the trouble starts. Nostalgic signs crave familiarity (see also: Cancers' penchant for staying close to home and Pisces' tendency to nurture long-held inner fantasies). You find comfort, safety, and happiness in what you already know — and if you're in the right mood, you can end up viewing familiar people and settings through extremely rose-tinted glasses.
Let's be clear about water signs' penchant for sentimentality — it isn't always a bad thing and it doesn't pertain exclusively to their exes. Pisces and Cancers are just as likely to get back with their exes as they are to move back to their hometown after years away — they're not predestined to do either of these things, but neither are ever completely out of the question.
Next, we have the signs that return to their exes out of pure romanticism — Taurus and Libra, this one's for you. The former is your classic "hopeless" type of romantic: Many Taureans hold fast to the belief that, when you connect with someone, the more logistical details (your preferences, lifestyles, habits) will eventually align, too. If a breakup occurs at some point, that's just a complication on the way to your fairy tale ending. Besides, as creatures of habit, Bulls would rather fight for the familiar than move on and risk leaving their comfort zone.
Meanwhile, Libra wants to see the best in people, always. Their diplomatic nature urges them to see reason in everyone's actions, even if that means performing some emotional gymnastics to understand why their ex hurt them. As you might expect, this leads Libran people to be pretty darn forgiving — and more willing to take back a remorseful ex than most. It's no coincidence that these signs share a planetary ruler in love planet Venus. As smart as Taurean and Libran people can be, they struggle to shake their idealism.
And now, a final disclaimer: These aren't golden rules that apply to every member of all the signs we just mentioned — there's maybe one astrological rule that can applied that liberally and it's "all members of a sign are born during its solar season." You might be a Sag who'd sooner give up dating altogether than get back with an ex or a Pisces who's never kept a memento from a past relationship in your entire life. But, if you tend to look back on past relationships and wonder if you should give them another try, you might have a placement or two in Taurus, Cancer, Libra, or Pisces.

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