A Young Couple Sees What They’ll Look Like 30, 50, & 70 Years Older

How would you feel if you could see yourself and your partner as 90-year-olds — today? Cut Video found a young couple, Kristie and Tavis, who are just about to get married. Using the magic of makeup and prosthetics, Cut showed the twentysomethings how they will look 30, 50, and 70 years in the future. The results are heartwarming. As they "age," the couple discusses what they imagine their life will be like in the future. "We'll be on the PTA," Tavis says about himself and his wife at 50. "Oh god, that sounds so weird." Kristie laughs at Tavis' 70-year-old getup, saying, "I hope I end up taking better care of your hair." Watch as Kristie and Tavis watch themselves age 70 years in the span of a video shoot. "There's a comforting feeling seeing this," Kristie remarks. "Being about to get married, embarking on that, I couldn't be more sure that this is what I want." Feel free to pause to grab tissues. And, we'll try not to think too hard about how this knowledge of their future looks will affect Kristie and Tavis' current sex life.

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