You Can't Buy These Chanel Condoms At The SoHo Store

Valentine's Day and condoms go hand-in-hand. February 14th is everyone's favorite night to get lucky, and over here we're always about wrapping up. And when it comes to protection, we've made no attempts to hide our love for cool rubbers, which is why these Chanel condoms we spotted today on omg blog immediately got our blood pumping. The package is an elegant white with the double C logo overlaid in a graphic black, plus a cheeky slogan, "keep it classy," written in Calvin Klein-type font on the bottom. Omg claims the condoms retail for $279 for a twelve-pack, so we naturally called Chanel's SoHo store to ascertain whether we could indeed buy the chic sheaths. We talked to two sales associates, both of whom were clearly flustered, that told us adamantly that this was a hoax. A call uptown yielded the same results. While we're not sure we'd lay down almost $300 bucks on these babies, we'd at least like to have the option to, err, bust them out and gauge responses.

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