5 Hacks For A Healthier Week

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
You depend on your back every single day. But that huge collection of muscles needs some love to be able to keep you going. Try these simple strengthening poses to ease tension and make back injuries less likely. (mindbodygreen)
Okay, maybe ASMR isn't your thing. But if it is (or you've just always been curious about those odd whispering videos), check out our favorite relaxing options here.
Looking for a lunch that'll power you through the rest of the work day? These delicious options don't have any added sugar to help you avoid that classic afternoon energy crash. (Greatist)
Is granola healthy or unhealthy? It depends who you ask — and what you put in it. Check out an RD's tips for getting the most out of this crunchy snack.
Being a good runner doesn't have to involve a ton of extra work. By making good sleep a top priority, you'll also be helping to prep your body for a morning run — and to enjoy it that much more. (Self)

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