Yes You Can: PBRs, Bud, and Coors Immortalized On Sweaters

How amazing are these vintage beer sweaters from artist AJ Fosik's super vintage collection? Budweiser, Coors, and Schlitz malt liquor are all equally repped in this deliciously non-caloric and hangover-free collection Fosik's amassed over the years, but we think the Pabst Blue Ribbon may trump 'em all. Remember those PBR sweatbands that the 3-dollar-a-can fans would sport at bars? Surely, wearing the classic label across your chest is even more hardcore than sporting it around your wrist. If you find yourself inspired by all this brew-love, why not pick up those knitting sticks and make your own? There's nothing manlier than hand-stitching a tribute to some good 'ol Budweiser... (Animal New York)

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