Here’s How To Stop Those Post-Workout Breakouts

Some workout side effects are welcome, like increased strength and better endurance. But, others we don't love — specifically, acne. And, the biggest acne-causing offenders are items you don’t want to go without, like exercise machines, your headphones, towel, and sports bra. Here’s how to prevent a breakout after you've worked up a sweat. Related: What's the Perfect Temperature for a Run?

Simple Skincare dermatologist, Debra Luftman, MD, told Shape that over-the-ear headphones can “collect sweat and moisture, which encourages bacteria and yeast to multiply.” The good news is that it’s easy to prevent this by wiping your headphones (and your face) with facial wipes after a workout. Related: The Sneaky Whey to Add Protein for a Healthy Diet

Dr. Luftman also explains how sports bras can contribute to a breakout. “The fabric blend and tight elastic can cause a build-up of sweat that leads to acne breakouts,” she told Shape. This can also be solved with a wipe down from those cleansing wipes and by washing your sports bra regularly. In short, facial cleansing wipes are about to be your new best friend — and if you are using an exercise machine, don’t forget to wipe it down before and after a workout. Click through to Shape for more about preventing workout breakouts. (Shape) Related: Are Birth Control Pills Shrinking Your Brain?

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