How To Break Out Of A Work Outfit Rut

Do you ever have nightmares about what you're going to wear to work in the morning? No? Just us? Well, even if it doesn't disrupt your sleeping patterns, getting dressed for the office can be a daunting task. Finding that balance between what you actually want to wear and what's HR-approved can feel like walking a very thin sartorial tightrope. And while you'd think having a somewhat flexible work dress code — as in, not an everyday uniform — would be a blessing, it's still all too easy to reach for the same black trousers and five-year-old blazer you know do the trick.
No offense to our old reliables, but that's what we call a style rut. And that's something we all need to break out of ASAP. The five looks ahead will challenge you to change up your workwear staples and introduce versatile pieces that are way more fun to wear. Click on, and get ready to say goodbye to that outfit-you-wore-to-your-first-ever-interview after all.

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