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It's been 18 months since Lean In, Hillary's the most talked-about contender for the White House, and Beyoncé is on yet another tour of world domination.
Yet, women still earn, on average, $0.77 for every dollar their male counterparts get for the same job. Women make up more than half of college graduates, and still only 4.8% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Beyond just stats, now is a time when women have more opportunities than ever before — and yet still battle the hang-ups of a bygone century.
That is why we're excited to announce "Please Advise," an R29 column focused on women and work. It's a deep dive into real advice for women who like Sheryl Sandberg, but aren't yet executive billionaires. Women at all stages in their careers who are trying to make it to the next rung on the ladder — and have a life along the way. It's frank, down-to-earth advice about real issues.
Our columnist, Mira Jacob, is a critically acclaimed novelist and writing professor who's been everything from a hot-shot New York editor to a hostess at the "fancy" restaurant in a New Mexico strip mall. She'll be taking on questions big and small — from big issues like pay equality and sexual harassment to the delicate art of crying at work.
And, we want to hear from you. Add your questions in the comments, or email us at (it's 100% anonymous) — and we'll be in touch.

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