Why We’re Considering Shaving Our Faces

If I so much as mention the word "shaving," I'm met with a flurry of naysayers in our comment section. "Your hair will grow back thicker," people say. "You'll turn into a gremlin overnight!" First of all, we've pretty much debunked that rumor. Secondly, according to Byrdie, shaving your face has a major benefit beyond hair removal — exfoliation. That's right: It just may be the secret to gorgeous, glowing skin.
The site says taking a razor to your face is a stripped-down version of dermaplaning. Aside from exfoliating your skin, it could also stimulate collagen production, allow products to penetrate deeper, and make makeup application smoother. But, before you dive right in, you've got to make sure you know what you're doing. Click through to read up on all of the perks of de-fuzzing your face. You're about to see your shower routine in a different light. (Byrdie)

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