These Women Are Dominating In Traditionally Male-Driven Industries

We're told as little girls that we can do anything when we grow up, but when you look around at certain industries, it's clear there aren't many role models to encourage us. Female marines are still struggling to prove they can take on combat roles. There are far fewer of us in the STEM fields (a mere 24%). And, in 2015, there are only 23 female CEOs of S&P 500 companies and 20 women senators. With news this week that the gender wage gap closed by a single penny over the past year, it can sometimes feel like we're just spinning our wheels.
Thankfully, there are women out there making inroads into typically male-dominated industries. They aren't CEOs or founders of big tech companies. They don't bring home seven-figure salaries. But, they are making big waves in their own ways.
Ahead, three stories of women who are shattering their own glass ceilings and proving that we can do anything men can do (and often, we can even do it better).

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