6 Ways To Jump-Start A Great Day

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Think you're not a morning person? Maybe you just haven't met the right mattress! We've teamed up with the mattress mavens at Casper and indie food purveyor Mouth to help one lucky winner get beauty sleep in an outrageously comfortable Casper mattress and then wake and bake — or cook and just caffeinate — with $500 in brunch goodies from Mouth. Ready to claim your place on the right side of the bed? Enter to win here and keep reading for easy ways to kick off a good day. When Beyoncé said she "woke up like this," we're pretty sure she wasn't talking about cursing the alarm clock, hitting the snooze button for 25 minutes, or putting on her shirt inside-out in a pre-coffee stupor. (Hey, no shame.) Waking up hasn't always been easy, but today's a new day. Make every morning a good one with these six tweaks to your usual routine.

Make Your Bed
Your mom was on to something. Research shows that people who make their beds each morning are happier, more productive, and good at sticking to a budget. No surprise, but they sleep better, too. Maybe that’s how Beyoncé does it…

But Later, Coffee
Consuming caffeine too early in the morning can lead to desensitization and, thus, an even more expensive coffee habit. To get the most buzz for your buck, postpone your latte no-foam until about 9:30 a.m., when the energizing stress hormone cortisol naturally starts to dip.

Get Moving
Physical activity boosts your energy, improves your memory, and makes you look and feel better in pretty much every single way. (Well, maybe not right after SoulCycle, because holy sweat.) Another perk of exercising in the morning: You’ve got the rest of the day to do what you want. Never skip an impromptu happy hour because you’ve got barre class again!

Mind Your Matter
You're alive another day, and you can do whatever you want with it. So take a moment — whether you're out of bed or not — to be mindful of all the possibilities and start the day focused and calm. Some people meditate or recite affirmations, like Rihanna's "BBHMM." Others keep a gratitude journal. You do you.

Review The Game Plan
Before you hit the ground running, it's best to figure out where you're going. Check your calendar to remind yourself what's up, and then plan the day with a mental or written to-do list. Then go get 'em, tiger.

Start Out With A Bang
How we spend our days is how we spend our lives, so set the tone with a little me-time that has absolutely nothing to do with work. Read for (guilty) pleasure over coffee, watch funny cat videos as you brush your teeth, or have a five-minute dance party in your underwear, Risky Business-style. Go ahead — make your day! Ready to rise and shine? Wake up and smell the awesome — enter to win a brand-new Casper mattress and $500 in brunch goodies from Mouth!

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