Willow Smith's Style, Telemundo Jewelry, And Rihanna's Gucci Respect

9-year-old Willow Smith, daughter of Jada and Will, is turning heads with her eclectic, personal style. What do you think? (Washington Post)
Do you care about vintage? Elle Magazine sure does. They just launched Premium Vintage, a video web series that will have you drowning in all there is to know about fashion's predecessors. (PRNews)
Going once, going twice, SOLD! Someone bought Princess Di's gown for $280,000. (AOL)
Booth Moore talked it up with Telemundo. Who would have thought that there would ever be a Telemundo jewelry line? Leave it to the entertainment industry to find any way to step foot in the realm of fashion. (LA Times)
"It's clear there are definitely fewer black women in the high-fashion industry. One of the things I respected most about Gucci was that they did a print campaign with me." —Rihanna, whose quote both makes us want to give her a high five, and a slap upside the head. (E Online)

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