All The Famous Actors In Your Newest Gone Girl-Level Obsession, Widows

Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
Widows is a recipe made up of only the best ingredients. Written by Gillian Flynn? Check. Directed by Steve McQueen? Check. Featuring an adorable dog? Check, thank God. And that's without even mentioning the cast, which is stacked with Hollywood icons.
First, though, the movie. Widows is difficult to classify. On paper, it's a heist movie, but it has the layers of a drama, in large part due to the characters and the actors who play them. Academy Award-winning actress Viola Davis leads the crew of smart women who band together to settle a debt left by their late husbands. Each member of the crew has their own story, and their lives come together to illuminate the nuances of grief, politics, and racial tensions in present day Chicago.
The film is worth it for the chemistry between the women alone, but they're not the only top-notch performers in the cast. Daniel Kaluuya is bone-chilling in his role, and Atlanta's Brian Tyree Henry is equally as affecting. Before you head to see Widows in theaters this weekend, get to know all the famous names who will bring the story to life.

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