Eau de Leigh Lezark, Mickey Boardman, and Mark the Cobra Snake? Distilling the Scent of a Nightlife Star

amanda-lepore-scent-1News broke earlier today that the tireless Amanda Lepore has now gone and released her own scent. Sort of like Britney Spears, Sarah Jessica Parker, and all those celebrity perfumes before her, Amanda's scent has notes of "bergamot, orange flowers, strawberry, and cucumber." Except unlike those pop princesses, her perfume will also be "fermented," infused with a dash of Cristal, and sold for $950. $950!! Ho-kay. So then we got to thinking: What if other reigning kings and queens of nightlife got their own scents? We concocted up five magical potions for Leigh Lezark, Mark "the Cobra Snake" Hunter, Sophia Lamar, Corey Kennedy, and Mickey Boardman. Sniff on, brave readers!
Leigh Lezark: Notes of ice cubes and diet coke are capped off with a dash of ineffable "It"ness. The frosty bottle should be stored at temperatures well below 0 degrees.
Photo by Nico Iliev Photography, via The New York Times.
Mickey Boardman: A base of tangy Red Hots and sweet baby powder blend with musky notes of sensual massage oil. The ice-cream-cone-shaped bottle will be presented on a limited-edition costume jewelry chain necklace.
Mark "the Cobra Snake" Hunter: Sweat and beer unite in a heady mix of Red Bull and vodka. Packaged in a glow-in-the-dark neon bottle and topped off with confetti.
Sophia Lamar: Grilled salmon from B Bar mingles with dank, dark basement stench, all captured inside a pink-and-black polka dotted bottle with Minnie Mouse ears.
Corey Kennedy: A youthful fusion of cotton candy, nail polish, and Cherry Chapstick—presented in a Yoo-hoo bottle.

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