What to Do Monday: Williamsburg Spelling Bee, Lady Sovereign, Lykke Li, Kon Tiki, and

events-0202Seems Lykke Li and her sweet-and-tart Scandinavian pop breeze into town every other week. We wouldn't mind if it was every other day.
Thor Heyerdahl decided the best way to prove his spurious anthropological series was to build a raft of reeds and sail across the Pacific Ocean. We love a good Don Quixote tale. Kon Tiki at MoMa.
Have a beer or two a show off your spellin' skullz. Williamsburg Spelling Bee at Petes's Candy Store.
We brought you word of Lady Sovereign Pianos the other week. Seems for some reason the sport-model rapper had to delay her show—pop in to see her bounce of the ceiling tonight. Lady Sovereign at Pianos.

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