The Unexpected Thing That Changed People’s Faith

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
More often than not, it takes years of reflecting and questioning before someone chooses to modify or leave their faith. But, every so often, a change of faith happens so suddenly, the person can point to a single factor that caused their switch to flip.
We took to Reddit to learn more about what prompts these changes of faith. Amid stories of grave personal developments (like a death in the family) that pushed people farther away from their religions, there were anecdotes describing the smaller moments in people's lives that simply made them view their faith in a different light.
These users adjusted their beliefs due to a book, an experience abroad, or an encounter with a member of their own religion. Their stories remind us that a new sense of spirituality can come from an unlikely, or even an everyday, source.
Ahead, discover what unexpectedly changed seven Redditors' faiths.

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