How To Dress For Rain — & Look Good — In 60 Seconds

Picture this: You wake up energized and well rested with thoughts of open-toed sandals and skirts dancing through your head. Then, you peek outside your blinds only to find a dark, stormy downpour. Yes, yes, we get the spring showers thing. (As if we needed a reminder of that darn nursery rhyme.)

But, if your first instinct is to fall back on your winter grays and succumb to the doom and gloom, our editors are here to tell you to stop it. Stop it right now. Because Style Throwdown, our epic series with Maybelline, is back with its premier episode tackling rain gear.

Style editor Annie Georgia Greenberg is taking on fashion features director Connie Wang to see who can serve up the best rainy-day outfit in less than 60 seconds. Watch above as the editors fight over waterproof booties and PVC slickers to put together knockout looks that are unfazed by a little rain. Who knew raincoats could look so cute?


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