The Weirdest Wearable Tech Products, Ever

Whether we’d actually splurge for wearable tech gear like Google Glass or Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is still a burning question. Honestly, we’re still wary about being hammerlocked to our smartphones. But, at least these aforementioned devices serve an actual purpose and may just make our lives a bit easier — which can't be said for all of 'em out on the market right now.
Fashionista has culled some of the most ridiculous "wearable" gadgets that have some pretty far-out purposes. Honestly, when we spotted these over-the-top techie products, a little more than an eye roll was elicited. Hey, at the very least, these doodads give us a good belly laugh. From a bra that tweets after its been unhooked, to a pair of undies that conceal silent but deadly farts, see the full list here and get ready for your AM chuckle.
opwnwePhoto: Via Fashionista.

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