No, You Shouldn’t Treat All Body Acne The Same

We spend nine months of the year waiting for summer — the sunshine, the longer days, the warm weather, the barely-there wardrobe that comes with it all. But it's a bit of a catch-22 that the same weather that begs for sleeveless tops and short-shorts can also make our skin break out in those newly exposed places.
“We’re outside, being more active and sweating more, so our pores are more likely to get clogged,” says Jennifer Segal, MD, a dermatologist in Houston. “We’re exposing more of our skin to different environments than it’s used to, so breakouts might appear in more areas than we’re used to.”
Despite the perfect storm of acne-friendly conditions, there’s no reason for your sundresses or shorts to gather dust, or for you to hide out in air-conditioned isolation until Labor Day. We've talked to the experts and gotten head-to-toe advice for keeping your skin blemish-free. Here’s how to battle breakouts on your scalp, back, butt, bikini line, and more.

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