Where’s The Love? Extreme Prenups Ban Weight Gain

So, apparently, this is a thing: extreme prenups. Apparently, with marriages lasting less than a Kim Kardashian moment, the negotiation that goes into preventing a messy divorce (or safely taking care of your hard-earned assets when the inevitable divorce occurs), prenuptial agreements are allowed to be totally, totally wacky.
Once meant to protect clients with plenty of assets, the prenup has become a place for impending spouses to air their most neurotic demands. Sad, but seemingly sensical arrangements like, "I get more money if he cheats on me" are, according the NY Post, the norm, but how totally bonkers are requests like "no piano-playing while home," getting payouts for birthing children, or walking away with more money in the case of infidelity? And, of course, there is the requisite (and semi-infuriating) weight-gain clause, which, according to the Post's expert celebrity lawyer, Nancy Chemtob, (who handled Michael Douglas' divorce) is a pretty popular request.
The Post interviewed a freelance writer in Soho, whom spoke about her prenuptial agreement, saying, "These clauses may seem very cold and unromantic, but I feel that it is part of establishing the framework of the most important joint venture anyone will embark upon.”
While this may be true, and with so many messy divorces and unfaithful spouses, some may feel like these documents provide the security newlyweds need. "Lifestyle clauses" — court-mandated agreements that dictate how a couple lives their "matrimonial bliss" — take the discussion away from the couple...and to the lawyers, which is terrifying. What ever happened to some good, old-fashioned wedding vows and compromise...instead of turning a marriage into a weird, perverse business partnership? (NY Post)

Photo: Via Chemtob Moss Forman & Talbert

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