10 Wedding Dogs That Stole The Show

You don't have to invite your dad's old fishing buddies. Having every sorority sister, coworker, and second cousin there on your special day isn't mandatory. But, sorry, you cannot — CANNOT — tie the knot without tucking a spray of roses into your dog's collar and inviting the little cutie to the wedding.
Luckily, these couples got the memo. Maybe their pups stole the show, used a groomsman as a fire hydrant, and barked and yipped throughout the vows. Maybe they scampered across the dance floor just as Grandma June was getting low. Maybe the flower girl got to the poop before the dog walker did. Still, how can you look at these dolled-up dogs and not melt?
For the record, we're not into dressing up dogs too much just for amusement. The odd bow tie or floral wreath, however, seems fine. Now, may we have this dance, Fido?

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