The Trick To Bringing Summer Wares Into Fall

At the end of each season, we tend to experience a period of sartorial mourning. Suddenly the closet staples we've grown most attached to — like athletic crop tops, white denim, and high-waisted shorts — aren't fit for the weather anymore. It's hard to see 'em go, so hard in fact that we're downright refusing to pack them up just yet. Instead, we enlisted some of Refinery29's savviest fashion gals to show us how to transition our hot-weather finds into fall for this episode of Maybelline's Style Throwdown.

Senior style editor Annie Georgia Greenberg and editorial associate Elizabeth Buxton were up to the challenge and expertly crafted two ensembles packed with summertime trends. Lemon-yellow crop tops in autumn? With AGG's layering hack, it's totally possible. Leg-baring fringe and sleeveless tanks? Liz mixes the two with a timeless autumn trend to make it work. Ready to take on the challenge yourself? Take note with the video above, and relish in the realization that you don't have to part ways with your favorite sheer blouse after all.

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