The Chic & Comfy Way To Get Dressed For Work

After a whirlwind weekend, returning to work can be the ultimate struggle. If you had it your way, you'd probably roll into the office wearing the cozy pajamas you slept in the night before. But, because that's not going to fly with your boss — and because grogginess is no excuse for uninspired dressing — we're hooking you up with a style hack that will save you time in the a.m. while keeping your comfy sensibilities in tact. Catch this and more in the latest episode of Maybelline's Style Throwdown.

This go around, our editors are taking on athleisure-inspired outfits for work. Watch above as senior style editor Annie Georgia Greenberg and R29 designer Sydney Hass hustle to whip up looks polished enough to slip past HR but relaxed enough to keep you comfortable during your 9-to-5. With only 60 seconds on the clock, the gals prove you don't have to give up the snooze button just yet. Those blister-inducing heels, however, may have to sit this one out.
Photographed by Jessica Nash.

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