VW Just Made Road Trips Infinitely Better

Is it just us, or is there nothing worse (or more hazardous) than tinkering with the radio, looking for the perfect on-the-road jam? If only every long-distance trip came with the perfect playlist for the mood, temperature, and scenery so you don’t have to fumble for that one, aha! drive song. Well, it looks like this request might not be too far off from reality.
According to MSN, Volkswagen has crafted an app that plays songs according to your driving style and location. Connecting your phone to the new “Play The Road” app complies a listening playlist based on acceleration, GPS location, and speed by using a GTI computer. While we are giddy thinking about never having to change our own music while navigating, we shouldn’t jump for joy just yet — the app is still in a testing phase and there's no word on when it will be publicly available. Sigh. Back to good ol’ Spotify!
openerPhoto: Via Volkswagen