Turns Out, The Vogue Doc Is A Beautiful Love Letter To Fashion Photographs

Photo: © Annie Leibovitz/courtesy HBO
We already brought you the trailer to HBO's new doc, In Vogue: The Editor's Eye, which airs tonight at 9 p.m. And it was pretty great. But, in case there is any confusion in your mind, know this: This doc is not The September Issue, the sequel. It's a really personal look at the life and work of a fashion editor (and we don't mean this in the market director way; we're talking about the people who dream up and style the inspiring fashion editorials that motivated a lot of us to want to work in this industry in the first place).
We watched an early screening of the film this week, and we're thoroughly smitten. The doc interviews every living fashion editor who's ever worked at the mag, from Babs Simpson (who turns 100 this year, and in a delightful moment of honestly, looks at Lady Gaga's first Vogue cover and declares that she hates it and can't tell if she's looking at a boy or a girl...but then asks to see the proof again, to be sure) to Tonne Goodman and Camilla Nickerson. Each editor talks about the lengths they've gone to get the perfect shot, wrapping snakes around naked models; shooting faceless mannequins; and splashing photo assistants with cream, for hours on end, just for starters.
We walked away from the whole thing marveling at both the unlimited budgets of so many of these shoots (anyone who's ever worked at a rival glossy can tell you that this, in many ways, is exclusive to Vogue), as well as the dedication and vision of these women. Tune in tonight (or for one of the repeat airings later this month — you can see the schedule here), for a clear reminder of why fashion and the photo portfolios it inspires truly are an artform.
vogue-fashion-editors Photo: © Annie Leibovitz/ courtesy HBO; Pictured (from left to right): Jade Hobson, Babs Simpson, Phyllis Posnick, Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele (Bottom Middle), Polly Mellen, Grace Coddington, Camilla Nickerson and Tonne Goodman

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