Video: See Union Square Band Perform "Born This Way", Rewarded With A Visit From Lady Gaga Herself [Updated]

So, say you're a struggling four-piece band – like the cleverly titled I Love Monsters—and you notice that a certain superstar just so happens to call her fans something very similar to your group's name. What do you do to get a few extra eyeballs? Well, if you're smart—and the members of I Love Monsters evidently are—you'd jam all day to that superstar's latest hit, "Born This Way", in public, Tweet about it, invite her to show up, and bring along your HD video camera. In this case, the gambit paid off and I Love Monsters were visited by the Queen Monster herself, Lady Gaga, mid-performance in New York's own Union Square—an exciting moment of media convergence for all. Or, as some commenters have pointed out, it was an impostor. Either way, click on the video below to see the action and listen to I Love Monsters' top-tapping acoustic version of "Born This Way." As cool as it is, though, it still doesn't beat this. (Washington Post via Gothamist)
Update: So it was a ruse, we've been had. Still, it's a good watch.

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