Victor Glemaud Sails into MILK Studios

When we popped by MILK studios early Friday evening to check out Victor Glemaud's new duds, everyone was wearing their shades, not because they wanted us to gossip about who was hiding behind them (ok, maybe a few of 'em did), but because the 6:00 sun was so blinding you could barely squint. Incognito, the crowd floated around to check out the cute male models and the even cuter clothes they were wearing—all that was missing was that ever-important glass of champagne to loosen everyone up. The 8th floor studio was chockful of stylists, fellow designers (including Victor's bff Camilla Staerk), and Victor's closest crew. Kelly Osborne stopped by with bf du jour, Luke Worrell, and they seemed to bring a slew of skinny brit boys in tight jeans(we've never seen such a high concentration of men-in-fedoras in one place. Hamish Bowles popped out of nowhere and disappeared down the halls of MILK in a dapper green seersucker suit, elusive and lovely as always.

As for the clothes, Victor lined up his boys to showcase his classic offerings: cardigans, pullover sweaters, and button-downs in candy-colored hues. Paired with cuffed white Levi's and loafers, the bright looks were playful but sensible— an aesthetic that Glemaud has down cold. A multi-colored, striped cardigan was very school boy chic, and a color-block cardigan seemed destined for the closet of an art-school hipster. There was something very Nantucket-chic about it all. Both the quirky prepster duds and the scenery gave a nautical feel, and if the boys had been wearing boat shoes, they could easily have hopped on a boat (with Bowles as captain) and sailed down the Hudson.

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