Victor Glemaud and Camilla Staerk Tag-Team for Their Biggest Show Yet

Two good friends and equally outré designers, the Danish Camilla Staerk and Victor Glemaud, saved a few pennies and put on a good party by teaming up a presenting both their collections simultaneously in the penthouse at Milk Studios. For this go around, Glemaud showed some signs of settling into wearability, offering well-shaped cardigans with smart, simulated holes and tears as well as contrasting knit sweaters and pants we would have gladly taken home with us. For her part, Staerk showed more shimmer and shine than she ever has, experimenting with sheers, bundling, and sequins in a way that benefited her usually austere designs. Probably most notably, the crowd who came to the combined show was larger and more excited than any we could remember for either of these designers. It was a good sign for the increasing popularity of both.

victorstaerk-0214-fLeft to right:Camilla Staerk, Kate Lanphear of Elle
victorstaerk-0214-gLeft to right: Kate Lanphear of Elle, Victor Gleamud.

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