12 Women Share Their Most Dramatic Venmo Stories

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
I have a confession. Venmo doesn't exactly bring out my best behavior. While I'm pretty good at abstaining from Venmo-stalking (which can't be said for some of my friends, many of whom have dug up juicy intel on their feeds via suspicious transactions accompanied by margarita emojis), the app definitely doesn't bring out my most generous side.
I don't know about your friend group, but in mine, the shameless $2 Venmo request, which I have both sent and received countless times, has usurped the "what's mine as yours" mentality of old. In 2018, there were over 3 million transactions of under $1 on Venmo. A chunk of those were probably sent in jest, but that's still a lot of petty. And when you add in the social feed element, which makes it really easy to keep tabs on your ex's financial behavior — welp, it's kind of a breeding ground for drama.
That's why we asked 12 women to share their juiciest (and cringiest) Venmo stories. Read on for timeless tales of what not to do on everyone's favorite financial app.

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