5 Delicious Recipes That Are Paleo AND Vegan (For Real)

Many people view "Paleo" as synonymous with "carnivorous" — the Paleo diet is often thought to be based on unlimited meat consumption. But, in fact, according to Paleo's proponents, the majority of food intake (volume-wise) should come from vegetables and fruits, and protein consumption should only be responsible for 20-35% of daily calories. Even so, it seems impossible that veganism — a diet that eschews animal products entirely — could work with the Paleo philosophy. It's true that both vegan and Paleo diets exclude dairy products (though for different reasons) and give processed foods an emphatic thumbs-down. But, the Paleo emphasis on animal protein would seem to make it pretty much impossible for the two worlds to collide in any meaningful way.
The cookbook Paleo Vegan is here to prove that idea wrong, by showing "how you can adopt a Paleo diet while still sticking to your vegan principles," writes author Ellen Jaffe Jones. At their cores, both diets advocate eating "what Mother Nature likely had in mind for optimal nutrition." Luckily, the recipes in Paleo Vegan offer not only nutrition but also incredible flavor and freshness. Don't take our word for it: Click through for proof, in the form of five of the book's best recipes.
Paleo Vegan: Plant-Based Primal Recipes by Ellen Jaffe Jones and Alan Roettinger, $11.88, available on Amazon.

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