Mix High And Low Fashion To Win $2,000 For Vassarette® Lingerie

As we’ve told you countless times in countless ways, good style doesn’t require an Amex Black card. As an R29 reader, you know that mixing high-ticket and low-price pieces can produce an ensemble that's just as beautiful, fab, and fashionable as any 40K ensemble from the pages of Vogue.
So, take that high/low knowhow and enter our Undercover Style Contest where mashing up affordable basics and expensive extras could win you $2,000 for Vassarette® lingerie.
Just point your mouse toward the Undercover Style contest page and construct a chic combo of your favorite economical pieces peppered with the luxury items of your dreams. When you’ve whipped up something beautiful, on trend, and absolutely you, click "submit," and see if your creation catches our fancy — and wins you $2,000 to spend on Vassarette’s comfortable, stylish underthings. How’s that for fashionable frugality?
So, visit our contest page and get mixing and matching, because whoever wins this one won’t have to shell out for looking good in her clothes for a very long time.

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