Home Buys You'd Never Think Of Buying (But Absolutely Should)

When it comes to your home, chances are you’ve already got the necessities covered: bedding that's a pleasure to curl up in after a particularly tough Tuesday; a good set of knives for all kinds of slicing, dicing, and mincing; and enough well-cared-for plants that your apartment could double as a nursery.
The thing is, as you get older and your space takes on an increasingly adult shine, it needs more. That’s where these 10 next-level home buys come in. From a Culligan water filtration system that’ll allow you to bid adieu to the bulky version crammed into your fridge to a foolproof way to peel hard-boiled eggs to the trick to actually being okay with getting out of the shower, these are the home upgrades you probably didn't even know you needed.