Twitterpated: The Best of Our Twitters from Fashion Week So Far

twittering-model-postWe've been texting up a storm as we run from show to show. Here are some of our faves so far:
Anna w. At shipley displaying either wide eyed wonder or cute confusion.
Can't see thom yorke djing at Rag and Bone - but seated - someone's purse is stabbing me in back
Backstage at robert geller - male models asking me where I got my beer.
Only the third day and we've run all over the city twice - why don't taxis have frequent flyer miles?
Our style director just got an accidental fan pic with kanye. God bless him!
A rundown of the boys who walked ervell: mcginley models, Columbia philosophy grad, someone we roomed with for 3 days.
Julia stiles tells us she will be spending tonight at an intimate dinner with 30ish friends at DvF
Kanye west is stalking us. At band of outsiders.
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