Twitter Troll: Vogue <3s Tina Fey, Chanel <3s Bangs, And The Youngest Buyer Ever

heidimount: "Chanel hair" Ah, Couture. The only time in the year when looking like My Pretty Princess in drag becomes fashion's highest form of art.
StevenRojas: "The little-est buyer ever." Officially. Destroyed. By. Cuteness.
womensweardaily: "Who's on the cover of the March issues of Vogue, W, Elle and Glamour? There are some surprises:" Finally! Tina Fey for Vogue!
MrStreetPeeper: "Just saw a DIY of @HanneliM 's studded back-pocket fold jeans but thought I might get in trouble for taking a pic of a jr high girl's butt." Smart move, Peeping Phil.
beckadiamond: "The guy taking the photo was not amused at me trying to pose for my I.D. photo!!!" Forever straight muggin' at the camera, aren't we, Becka!? Show us your dimples!

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