Twitter Troll: Vintage YSL, MJ’s Hurt and Megan Fox’s Mannequin Shoot

sea_of_shoes: "Going to the Fort Worth Modern wearing the same 70s YSL dress I wore last night #FAVORITE" That dress is definitely worthy of a repeat.
StyleListSays: ""Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done." -Madonna" Or was that Tina Fey in regards to a certain Hillary Clinton?
fuggirls: "Between that tennis match, and today's USA and England soccer victories, today has been EPIC, sports-wise! - J" A ten-hour tennis match and a USA win...woooo!
InterviewMag: Will Brian Austin Green be jealous of Megan Fox's favorite manneqeuin. See our EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes video." At least her fave mannequin isn't one of these bad boys.
fashion_file: "Being a hand model is harder than it looks" We'd ask for a high-five for encouragement, but we don't want anyone overexerting themselves.
fashionologie: "Marc Jacob's Arm Is In a Sling" We're guessing Marc won't high-five you, either.

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