Twitter Troll: Skin-Scented Perfume, Peter Som On Twitter, And Carla Bruni Says Sex Phrases

NylonMag: "Good Idea or Bad Idea: Perfume that smells like skin?!" Our vote is for Creepy Idea.
daisylowe: "Wow! Feels like we're walking through a @DAVID_LYNCH dream sequence in this place. Louis vuitton know how to create a crazy world!!" How hot is the event? Is it so hot that it might be burning down the house?
vanityfairmag; "Terribly Inappropriate Carla Bruni Foreign Sex Phrases Video Is YouTube Hit" Carla is perhaps the only person alive who can say "Do you like my titties?" while still looking impossibly classy.
rachelantonoff: "Going red. Fingers crossed for more Cintia less Carrot Top." Toes crossed, too. If disaster happens though, may we recommend these?
bryanboy: "Say hello to yet another designer who joined tweeter. Follow Peter Som! @Peter_Som" Hello, Tweeter Som!

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