Hot Redheads Rule L.A.

Gilligan's Ginger, Jessica Rabbit, Grace Coddington, Joan Holloway: The list of inspiring redheads just keeps getting longer. But it seems like in the past few months, there has been a preponderance of flame-haired mops popping up in L.A., making us seriously question the validity of all those studies that say redheads will be extinct by 2100. Maybe all the brunettes are lightening up for summer or maybe there's something appealing about standing out in the So-Cal sea of blonde-and-bronze, but we think this is a hair trend that's catching on like, well, wild fire. So, when we saw this insanely beautiful new fashion shoot (sent to us by our dear friend, Hamish), we nearly flipped our lid. The editorial, shot in London by expert lens-woman, Kate Cox, captures the photographer's redheaded friends, and somehow has a totally hippie-esque L.A.-in-the-'70s-vibe to it. We've included a few of Kate's red-hot shots and asked a local go-to hue aficionado to shed some light on how to keep your scarlet locks looking good if you should opt for red trademark tresses—and, trend alert!—you def should!
Where and how to go red right here: Marcie Sperling of the Tamara Dahill Salon in Toluca Lake is just one of L.A's experts at turning the city's coolest chicks red with finesse. Here, she gives us the low-down on how to go red the right way:
Do: Wash those locks sparingly. "Red fades the fastest, so to keep your color lasting longer, I recommend shampooing as little as possible," she says. Sperling suggests shampooing with cool water and Bumble and Bumble's Color Support Shampoo in True Red to keep your color bright.
Don't: Dye your brows to match (as it almost always looks fake) or, more importantly, color it yourself. "Red is the easiest at-home shade to botch up, so we recommend heading straight to the salon for a skin-perfect match."
Tamara Dahill Salon, 10216 Riverside Drive (at Forman Avenue); 818-752-6567.

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