Twitter Troll: Kincaid Views, Free Vintage, And Aggy’s Assault

HanneliM: "The view from the show" Did we just step into a Thomas Kinkaid painting?
henryholland: "Having a pedicure while watching the world cup. Like some weird confused teenager." In case you move onto a manicure, might we suggest doubling up with these World Cup nails?
jazzimcg: "Just got all my old converse from my grandmothers attic! Beat up and covered in doodles from friends. Nostalgia heaven" Sounds like the best kind of vintage find—a free one.
Karl_Lagerfeld: "Designers must be both conscious and unconscious at the same time. Clear thinking at the wrong moment can stifle inspiration and talent." We think Karl might be advertising doing your work while drugged up on Nyquil.
AggyDeyn: "I think I just got indecently assaulted by a "2010" massage chair!!!! O GOD!!!!" We recommend reporting him to the upholster-police.

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