Twitter Troll: Gaga For Halloween, Cab Fashion Thief, UGG & Jimmy Choo's FNO Plans

holidash: "#becauseofgaga We already know what to be for Halloween! Official line of Gaga costumes available for preorder now:" We're glad Poker Face Gaga is getting some love—but what about androgynous, machine-gun-boobed, Alejandro Gaga?
rackedny: "The Bird Warehouse Sale has No.6 clogs for $109!" If you didn't blow your savings at the Barney's sale, here's another chance!
danielleasnyder: "if you see yellow cab 5H47 in nyc stop him and call the cops! He just stole $6K worth of inventory" Who knew cab drivers liked their fashion so much?
NylonMag: "The Keith Haring Journals have been re-released!" This is a read that any Gen Y-er should have.
FNOnyc: "UGG SoHo will have a one night preview of the UGG & Jimmy Choo collection of UGG boots on #fno!" As if we didn't already have enough reasons to avoid SoHo on FNO.

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