Twitter Troll: Balenciaga Pre-Fall, Hipster Martha Stewart, And Gaga At NYFW

elinsvahn: "At Balenciaga pre-fall..beyond amazing! Wearing this in the fall" Honey, we'll be wearing it all winter, spring, and summer, too. Let us at it!
Jess_Stam: "That talk with @MarthaStewart was very helpful. Thank you so much for the movie theatre suggestion, we love Bedford already." Martha Stewart, Billyburg expert. Who knew?
WhoWhatWear: "#nyfw is as gaga for Lady Gaga as we are. So excited to hear she'll be performing FEB. 10 at amfAR NY" Calendars, booked. Next up: Finding an appropriate spinning headdress and glow-in-the-dark leotard.
JonnyMakeup: "I just confused Georgia Jagger for Lara Stone! Did she get a tooth implant to look just as kookie?" If kooky = drop dead gorgeth (misspelling on purpose), then we approve of this tweet.
fuggirls: "The unspoken danger of side-swept bangs is that the eyebrow hidden underneath has ample opportunity to take over your face in secret. - J" Best tweet o' the day.
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